Electrical Transmission of Characters/Letters

Imagine if you will, a way to encode and decode variations in voltage on a transmission line into 26 letters; What would these fluctuations in voltage look like?

In the example I give above, if you have five signal voltages of 1.0v 1.2v, 1.4v, 1.6v and 1.8v.

The letter “A” would be represented by:

  • 50ms of 1.0v indicating silence
  • 50ms of 1.2v
  • 1.2v ramping up in a linear fashion to 1.8v and back down to 1.2v over the course of 100ms
  • 1.2v for an additional 50ms
  • A sharp drop back to operating voltage (1.0v) of the signal carrier.

This concept would potentially allow for the transmission of text or even data through basic electrical systems without interrupting their normal operation!

Tell me what you think!

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