Weather Radio Update Progress

Here is the changelog so far:

Taking it one day at a time, testing streams takes considerable time!

Weather Radio Update Progress v5.0.1

Still working through some things before I can release the next version… UI tweaks, station additions and removals… That’s right, some of these weather streams are down, or have no audio so they will be removed from the next version, unfortunately.


GitHub From a Outsider’s Point of View

When it comes to version control; I’m accustomed to making a zip snapshot and putting it in a snapshots folder while I’m working, but I decided to give GitHub a try just to see what I’ve been missing all these years.

As it turns out, I apparently haven’t been missing much. As a one-person show it doesn’t really offer too much helpful utility other than snapshotting changes between versions of a project. I was however disappointed at the client for Windows 10 64-bit edition. When rolling back a change to a previous commit, the local file system copy of the project remains untouched which is perplexing. The “Projects” feature is somewhat useful, but then again the same result can it be achieved with LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel.

I suppose GitHub is a good free host for open source projects, but if you’re a single person team and you’re working on something that’s relatively a closed source in nature; than it probably isn’t something you want to use when you could use Dropbox business edition for version control or simply create huge folders full of zip snapshots.

Replace Caffeine With AMOLED

Have you ever heard that using a bright screen at bed time can prevent or delay falling asleep? There’s a setting for that in many modern phones, sometimes referred to “Comfort View”…



The same principal that causes this can also be used to wake up first thing in the morning! Based on my observations, blasting your eyes at 100% brightness can quickly stimulate the brain as much as a cup of coffee! Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Ready for an update? WRR v5.1.0

New stations have been inserted and a color scheme/theme switcher is in the works. I’ve decided to start doing more frequent updates and to get as many streams added to this app as possible!

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